Shorouq Abki

Last updated 10/05/2019

Shuruq Al-abki from Jordan  


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Birthday July 15

Please enjoy some of my artwork

I am coach Shuruq Abki, an artist and an art trainer. I participated in local and international art galleries such as Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Also, I won some painting competition awards. 

Currently, I am working at the American Digital Schools located in Jordan as an art coach. 

I am self taught artist at oil painting. I have been influenced by the great artist, Leonardo da Vinci.

Most of my artworks are inspired by realistic things from real life to let them touch the heart in an amazing way. 

However, I painted some abstract paintings using acrylic colors.

I’ve been always dreaming to change the world to make it a better place for the entire human race. And I find art is the most powerful weapon to achieve this goal. By its ability to touch both  hearts and minds, to bring peace to our souls.

With my students I use art to build a growth mindset, to prove that every one has a great  ability to make a change in his own life and to put a print on the whole world.

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