Niaz Almashni

Born in Palestine near Jarusalme Lives in Jordan Amman 

Niaz Almashni a Palestinian and international plastic artist: “Niaz Almshani", who inspired from the Holy Quran the idea and turned it into a special and distinctive invention, this ingenious invention of Extracting colours from fig and olive trees, material which became basis of many of his paintings, this colour achievement qualifies artist Niaz To be a unique artist in the world not only the Arab world ..

The first person to participate in a competition in the Republic of India was the first step in a long journey of excellence. The creative artist Niaz Al Mashni is the son of the village of Suba, located west of occupied Jerusalem. Has been living in Amman Jordan, He crossed the bridge of creativity at young age,  his dialogue is lavish and interesting, he’s bright and inventive.

Nias has invented many techniques for painting using row materiles extracted from Olive and fig trees, all linked to Palestine. His eternal love

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